static.holobod.com is big, really big, you just won't believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is, I mean you might think space is big, ... and actually it is, ... and actually to be brutally honest space is much much bigger than static.holobod.com so perhaps that wasn't the best analogy.

static.holobod.com is kind of big, like in comparison to let's say a car, it is big... well actually that isn't so true either. Since cars are not a standard unit of measure, that analogy brings up too many questions. Are we talking about a Buick or a die cast scaled representation of a car that kids use to smash into each other as a way of playing.

static.holobod.com is not big, when you actually think about it. It is in fact a digital space, so actually if we think about that I guess we could say that it takes up a certain amount of diskspace on some hard drives somewhere in the cloud... so I guess it is tiny.... ok....

static.holobod.com is tiny since it is really just a collection of files that are common to all Holobod products, but since all of those products are relying on static.holobod.com, then I guess it gets a larger presence due to it use.

(* Clears throat *)

static.holobod.com is important... for reasons that are not to become apparent at this time.


Helpful Info

Some helpful Information to help you use it

  • Area : Finite : As far as anyone can make out.
  • Imports : None : It is impossible to import into static.holobod.com as there is no methods provided.
  • Exports : None : (See Imports)
  • Rainfall : None : It is impossible for rain to fall in a digital space as there is no up for it to fall down from.
  • Population : None : Although you may see yourself as a user of this site, Holobod:Core does not actually have a population, which is further confirmed by a lack of any Profile menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Monetary Units : None : In fact there are many readily convertible forms of currency, but all physical currencies are not accepted here due to the lack of any donate button or other payment process. Additionally, all digital currencies are useless here as there is nothing to buy here. So any request to buy anything here can be ignored.
  • Sex : None : Well actually there is awful lot of this in static.holobod.com, but due to the lack of any money, people or space for it to occur in, any conceptualization of it inside static.holobod.com can be seen as the product of a deranged imagination.

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